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Hospital to Home

Make Safe Transitions®.

Hospital to Home care features our Safe Transitions® Service, which ensures that our clients make safe transitions as care needs change or when transitioning from one care center to another.

Our Safe Transitions services are available 24/7 for any patient, including individuals who have experienced rehabilitative care, surgery or other treatments, and residents of intermediate care and assisted living facilities.

Caregiver helping hospital to home patient

Elements of Safe Transitions include:

  • Patient and caregiver training and education
  • Patient-centered care plans, shared across settings of care
  • Timely, accurate communication and information sharing
  • Appropriate transportation ensured
  • On-time delivery of needed medical equipment
  • Designated liaison between care providers

Safe Transitions is essential when you consider how medication errors, poor communication and poor coordination between providers might potentially lead to adverse events. This risk is particularly high in aged persons with multiple chronic conditions and also when their care needs change. Safe Transitions addresses these concerns up front to avoid rehospitalization.

Safe Discharge

Safe Discharge is the last phase of Hospital to Home that ensures a smooth and safe transition from the hospital or other medical facility back to the comfort of home.


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