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Employee Success Stories

All Ways Caring Employee Stories

The All Ways Caring team encourages and supports the professional development of our employees. We are dedicated to helping employees develop their skills and reach their career goals. Many of our organization’s leaders started out as a caregiver and have grown their careers with us. You can too!


Tanisha Haythorne, All Ways Caring Executive Director, began her career as a direct service provider (DSP)/caregiver in 1997. Tanisha’s love for people and natural skill in caregiving drove her to this field. At the early age of 12, she would watch over her 96-year-old great-grandmother when her great aunt was unavailable. She also learned how to be a caregiver by watching her mother who adopted four of her eight siblings.

A year after beginning as a DSP, she was promoted to an office assistant, and in 2006, she was promoted to a Client Service Supervisor. She realized she had a knack of matching clients with caregivers who would often stay together beyond homecare and until the end of life. Tanisha’s supervisor noticed her innate leadership skills when all her peers began looking to her for advice. In 2008, she became a Branch Manager. Only five months passed until she was promoted again as an Executive Director where she took on an entire region instead of just a single branch. Throughout her journey, she has enjoyed watching her staff grow in their skills and having the opportunity to promote them as positions became available.



Elizabeth Flores, All Ways Caring Northern California Executive Director, joined the company in 2013 to recruit new caregivers as a HR/Customer Service Supervisor. In her past, she had been a caregiver to her grandmother and helped with transportation, light housekeeping, and grocery shopping. These previous experiences with her grandmother provided her with a better understanding of the service of caregiving, which allow her to find great HomeCare providers the company could be proud of.

Over time within her HR position, Elizabeth picked up roles that exposed her to different aspects of the company, including customer service, operations, and community outreach. Her role with community outreach connected her with the All Ways Caring Stockton Branch. She developed relationships with the branch’s caregivers, administrative staff, and clients. In 2015, she was promoted to Stockton Branch Manager, providing her with the new responsibility of entering the homes of potential clients to explain their services. Her goal of treating clients with respect and dignity was apparent, and many clients said she was made for this position.

In 2018, Elizabeth lead her team in the San Joaquin County community in transitioning to the new branding of All Ways Caring HomeCare. By 2019, she was approached and encouraged to apply for her current position as Northern California Executive Director. “I continue to lead a much bigger team but with the same legacy to leave behind as we continue to help in the community,” said Elizabeth. “I am proud to be a part of All Ways Caring HomeCare team. All Ways Caring HomeCare has given me more opportunities than I have ever had to grow with a company. I am truly blessed to be a part of the All Ways Caring HomeCare legacy!”


Tonya Pabum, Branch Manager, joined All Ways Caring in 2015 as a Caregiver. She was eager to get into the medical field since she had certifications in medical assisting and medical billing and coding. In 2017, Tonya was promoted to a Customer Service Supervisor. During that time, she supported a new veterans project, built teams in the Covington and Mandeville, LA, areas, and enhanced her leadership skills. In 2018, she continued her career path with the company by becoming a Branch Manager.

Tonya knew that this was her calling and that she could accomplish goals by building solid teams. Tonya was able to improve her operation to a thriving branch, which won the award in the East Region for the largest growth. Tonya says, “[My manager] has continued to believe in me as a leader in everything I do. For that I am always grateful. I will continue my journey with All Ways Caring HomeCare to be the best at what I am destined to be, a true natural-born leader!”

Tonya’s HR partner shared that “she seems to always know her strengths and opportunities when it comes to her growing her branch. Even when communicating not-so-good news, she communicates how she plans to turn it around. Every day, Tonya strives to be a great leader by building up her teams, enhancing daily processes and best practices, and providing the best care to her clients.”


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