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Foster Aide Child Support Services

Strengthening Homes & Supporting Families

All Ways Caring® is here to provide Foster Aide Child Support Services in Washington to young people in need of alternative, safer living environments, and foster families who provide nurturing care. Children need a safe place they can call home. And families need strong support too.

Our Services

Our services set our clients and foster families up for success. Our child support services include, but are not limited to, those specified on the individual service and safety plan or child-specific plan developed to meet special needs and can be provided in the child’s home, school or community.

Benefits of In-Home Child Support Services for Children and Families

All Ways Caring is contracted with the Department of Children and Family Services to provide Foster Aide Child Support Services to assist with support activities which reinforce strengths and increase opportunity of success for children, families, foster parents and placement resources. We’re committed to making a difference in the lives of the children, families and communities we serve.

These specific plans are intended to:

  • Augment supervision and activity plans for children whose behaviors or developmental needs cannot be managed without additional assistance.
  • Monitor and report behaviors associated with youth that are at-risk.
  • Provide protective supervision for behaviorally disruptive or aggressive children.
  • Follow youth supervision plans and provide essential care that is necessary for the health, safety or well-being of the child.
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