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Structured Family Caregiving in Georgia

You’re the best caregiver for your loved one. Let us help you provide safe, at-home caregiving – and get paid for it.

Now more than ever it’s critical to keep your loved ones safe at home. Structured Family Caregiving empowers you to care for your loved one in a safe space. We keep families together by offering financial support to individuals dedicated to caregiving.

All Ways Caring is one of the oldest providers of personal support services in the state of Georgia and we are now a provider for Structured Family Caregiving. We are the only company providing a clinical level of health coaching beyond what the standard program requires. Our program offers a health coach for day to day communication and coaching. We are staffing that position with a nurse to provide the clinical experience to meet a client’s needs, and partner with case management and the family to provide the client the maximum level of support possible.

Client requirements:

  • Needs assistance with daily living activities such as feeding, dressing, bathing, and more
  • Be Medicaid-eligible in Georgia
  • Be a participant in the CCSP or SOURCE Waiver Program
  • Lives with the person providing their daily care
  • Needs five or more hours of care
  • Needs help with ADLs or homemaking activities

Caretaker requirements:

  • The family member wanting to take care of the client must commit to the job; meaning no other jobs in or outside the home
  • The family member will receive training from us
  • The family member will receive a stipend for each day worked
  • They are not an employee of ours, but a contracted 1099 employee
  • Background check required

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